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KAVIT Electronics Industries Ltd. was established in 1994 to provide superior information security products to local public safety organizations at competitive prices. Since its inception, KAVIT has gone from strength to strength and quickly become a trusted worldwide leader with additional customers worldwide, additional leading products, and recognition from MOTOROLA as their Application Partner in March 2000.

KAVIT's customer base spans almost every country in the world, including the Israeli Security Services, Argentinean National Border Guard, Brazilian Police, Mexican Army, Nigerian Air Force, United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, US Police, Spanish Police, Italian Air Force, Royal Thai Army and South Korean Military, just to name a few.

Our voice encryption modules are the best in the world, while their technology adapts to almost any analog radio, and their prices are most competitive. Whether your communication system is comprised of a single brand of radio or several brands, our modules secure voice audio and deter virtually all unwanted listeners.

Our product lines include Radio encryption, Telephony encryption, File encryption and customized Cellular / RF Jamming Systems. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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KV1120PRO Series Industry Leading Cost Effective Voice Encryption Modules for Motorola HT750/1250, GP328/338, PRO5150/7150, GP340/360 and more.

Now available also with 256-bit AES Algorithm.

KV1120PRO Datasheet English / Español

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KJ Series Professional Jammers for Wireless Communications (Cellular Phones, Radio Communications, GPS, Satellite Phones, etc.) a.k.a. ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) automatically disable any incoming and outgoing calls of any cellular telephones (GSM, CDMA, AMPS, TDMA, iDEN, NEXTEL, PHS, PCS, DCS, UMTS, 3G etc.) and other requested equipments in the desired area, thereby immediately preventing RC (Remote-Controlled) denotation of IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) e.g. cellphone-activated-bombs, widely used by terrorists worldwide.

The typical customers are Army, Navy, Police, Prisons, Airports and more.

Available in various configurations, cases (Suitcase, Manpack or 19" Metallic) and powers per band (1W, 3W, 15W, 30W, 50W, 100W, 200W etc.).

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RVX-1 is a Complete Landline Telephone with built-in Top Security Voice Digital Encryption for an Analog Line. The use cannot be simpler: one button click creates a point-to-point digitally secured voice link.

Please notice that all the various "unbreakable" encryption software on the market for cellular phones and smart phones won't give you any real security since apparently all phones have built-in backdoors for various governments, allowing among the rest to remotely bypass the installed software application, even without the user knowledge. PC programs like Skype are no exception.

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KEF-1 is an easy to use hardware-based software for encryption of your PC files (for example before you attach them to your e-mail message). Since the master-private key is stored into the KEF-1 hardware (and cannot be readout), it has a great advantage over software-only products (their main keys are stored on the PC hard-drive, and hence can easily be retrieved by hackers). Moreover, the popular PGP software (even with smartcard hardware) cannot be trusted anymore since it has [declared] backdoors for some governments. Other similar products are not trustable as well.

Already use some 'free' email encryption software? high chance that you have allowed by yourself a spyware, and our recommendation is to remove it immediately. If you are looking to add a low cost encryption software-only capability to your email software, simply buy a 'Secure Email Digital Certificate' from VeriSign or Comodo (the latter is even free for non-commercial use), both are CAs - Certified Authorities.

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Download KEF-1 Manual English / Español

KAVIT recognizes the need for Professional Products @ Competitive Prices.

All our products incorporate our unique technologies that make each model superior to any other product in its class in terms of security, technology and performance, and not only on paper. Yet the prices are very competitive, ensuring that you get the best products in the market at excellent prices.

Moreover, there is
No Tax on our products in the EU (European Union), Canada and the US, and the shipping cost is insignificant. The delivery times of the KV1120PRO series modules are very short.

The customer for us is the most important thing. Our quality policy is to improve continuously our products and production processes to better satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, and to deliver, on time and every time, defect-free products and services.

KAVIT Electronics Industries Ltd.
Professional Radio Series Application Partner of Motorola

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